Service Calculator

About Service Calculator


The Service Calculator is here to help you take care of your motorcycle, car or just about any vehicle more efficiently.

The Service Calculator is an online maintenance schedule that helps you to keep track of your servicing by mileage and automatically highlights the items that require your attention on your next visit to the workshop or garage.

Note: Data are stored on your own device and are currently not transferable to another device. So if you are saving this on your laptop, the same data will not appear on your phone. Please do save this on the device you will be using as reference most of the time.

There are 3 color states:

Red: Servicing that are overdue and requires your immediate attention.
Yellow: Servicing that are due in lesser than 1,000km/miles.
White: Servicing that are due in more than 1,000km/miles.

How to use

  1. Input your Current Mileage at the top.
  2. Click on [Unlock fields] to unlock the maintenance schedules editing.
  3. Fill up the schedule as follows:
    • Items: Maintenance item names such as Engine oil, Tires or Brake pads.
    • Interval: How regularly you should inspect or replace the item. (eg. I replace my engine oil every 2500km)
    • Last service: The mileage that you inspected or replaced the item.
  4. Click [Lock fields & Calculate] and the calculator will calculate your next servicing mileage.
  5. Click on [Save] to save the details onto this device for your next update.
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